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Sunshine Exteriors is...

An innovative, modern, FAMILY-OWNED Barrington-based Home Remodelling Contractor and Storm restoration specialist, offering high-quality, moderately priced, extraordinary ROOFING & SIDING MAKEOVERS

✓ Tenacious, dedication to service.
✓ Excellent workmanship.
✓ Dependability.
✓ Modern materials, design & colors
✓ Affordable pricing.
✓ 1000’s of satisfied customers.
✓ licensed bonded & Insured.
✓  BBB members
✓ Family Owned since 2007

“Maybe its not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe its about starting over and creating something better”

Interesting Facts

Finished projects
Satisfied Clients
Years experience

Why Choose Us

We are looking forward to helping you protect and add value to your dream HOME!

All it takes is a little bit of patience, creativity and love to make the difference as many materials have similar costs and features, so to help our clients with design ideas, pick new colors, textures and transform their homes, is what we are passionate about.

We can work with your brand or recommend one that suits your needs.

After a project is finished, we inspect your home to make sure it looks exceptional.

Our success depends on how satisfied you are with our work so we’ll treat your home like if it were our own!

Thank you,

The Sunshine Exteriors Family!

Our Mission

To EMPOWER Homeowners by helping them to make informed choices that will make their homes: Standout for Beauty & Design, Stronger, Homes that stand up against time,  Increase value & Energy efficient and Preserve a new touch, maintenance free.

Restoration Cont...

 We help homeowners document 100% of the storm damages (To your home). We provide a scope so that 100% of what is required to restore your home including all labor and materials the right measurements, complying with Code and manufacturers requirements is done to

Your Partners

Sunshine Exteriors becomes a partner in your renovation projects to help you visualize your ideas and make them a reality.