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Get a Stylish Eye Catching Roofing Makeover!

Discover new Styles

Get excited with Boosting your curb appeal and make your ROOF standout
with the trendiest shingle colors & styles to suit any style of houses, from Victorian to ultra-modern, rustic to urban and more!

As Roofing & Siding builders, and design specialists we understand costs and timing and will help you chose the materials and styles to give your roof a makeover not just a replacement!

When did you last inspect your roof for leakes, damage or wear and tear?

Damage to roof shingles starts on the top with mild bruises, that start knocking off the granules and slowly letting the sun burn through them, and in a few months water will start seeping in, that will rot the plywood over the next years, then the insulation will get wet and eventually your ceiling may collapse.

BOOK a FREE no obligation inspection for peace of mind.
We’ll inspect every square foot of your roof, take measurements, pictures and maybe some video to show you what you need to improve and create the best solution to improve your home.

Soffit and Fascia

We’ll replace your Soffit and fascia with designs that coordinate perfectly with your siding, windows, trim and gutters.

Soffit and Fascia are key to Your Exterior Remodel

Soffit and soffit vent is a critical part of your home’s ventilation plan. From moderating temperature extremes to controlling moisture in attic spaces, soffit and vent soffit make your home comfortable by venting moisture from your office, and also provide a clean, finished look to the underside of your eaves.

Fascia provides maintenance-free protection to the edge of your roof between the shingles and the soffit. Available in matching or coordinating colors.

Healthy & ENERGY-SAVING Skylights

A healthy life Starts at home!

New Skylights provide Daylight and a healthy indoor climate, make your home more energy efficient and healthier.

If you think you’ve got a leak or want to replace your skylight we can find out the best design and style that suits your home and install it.

A few facts about skylights
Can reduce energy consumption (The lessened dependency on artificial lighting can help reduce the use of electricity by as much as 10% and lower heating bills.)
Reduction of mildew or mold buildup.
Natural sunlight is a free and available mood enhancer. It encourages us to produce vitamin D and protects us from seasonal mood changes.
Poor lighting can cause eye fatigue and headaches, which can make us feel depressed or ill.
Insufficient natural lighting can trigger depression and even have a negative effect on our immune system.
Bright lighting stimulates the mind (which is why it’s great for task illumination) while dim illumination quiets our senses and can make us feel drowsy (which is why it’s great for the bedroom).
Natural lighting stimulate faster recovery from illness or operations.
Sunlight can help to lower blood pressure, which can lead to reduced stress and a variety of other health benefits.

Improved work performance if you have one in your home office
Increased visual appeal to interiors.