Cedar Roofs

What really makes a house a home? For as long as people have been designing and building primitive living structures, eventually moving toward our more advanced civilization and the personal pride and feeling of comfort that comes with owning a home, we have often wondered this ourselves. Finally, the unsurpassed, premium cedar roofing product and service provider, have discovered the one answer to this timeless question. The only word that  comes close to every possible answer variation is love — love for beauty, love for quality, and above all, love for self, because you, in essence, are what your home is made of, making your house now your home. We understand this philosophy, and we have been making our customers’ desires for their homes’ beauty a reality from the start.

New Cedar Roofs

We build Roofing Systems… that is to say that we construct a functioning roof with many parts that work together symbiotically. First and foremost, we create the proper ventilation to allow cedar to breathe as it needs to for longevity. Our fasters/nails are made of materials that last the test of time after being nailed to the perfect depth. Each shingle is applied with specificity, great skill, and care.

cedar roof


From small patches to replaced sections, we want to do what makes sense for the general well-being of your cedar roofing system.

Maintenance Programs

Living in Illinois brings with it seasons of high humidity and above average annual rainfall and snow that can lead to problems of mildew, moss, and other organisms that can start growing out of the natural organic elements of your shake or shingle roof. Our roofing experts offer maintenance programs such as biannual roof inspections and full-service roof cleaning, specifically catering to the intricate details and cuts of cedar wood shakes and shingles common to the homes in the area. We also provide professional preventative and maintenance services to our customers who want the peace of mind. Each program is customed tailored to your roof based on location, foliage accumulation, weather damage, age, and so on.

Please contact us via phone (630) 736-5944 or visit our Free Roofing Inspection page to set up an inspection and consultation for your maintenance needs.