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A new siding will increase your home's value, protect you from the weather and preserve the new touch almost maintenance free!

  • Soft Hued Curb Appeal
  • Lap Siding
  • Trim Boards
  • Shingles
  • Cobble Stone
  • TRIM

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We install all kinds of Siding

Some of the features are:

  • Insulated and ENERGY-SAVING save up to 25% on energy in hot or cold climates
  • Impact and Extreme weather condition resistant
  • Brand new look year after year
  • Low-maintenance
  • Treated against insect/pest infestations
  • Fading & Warping-resistant
  • Reduce the noise by 40%
  • 5 year Installation Warranty
  • Wide Variety Of Colors & Styles
  • Cedar Shake
  • COOL Corner pieces with a new trim
  • our workmanship is guaranteed to be as good as the products we offer.

Warning: You might make your neighbours jealous with your SIDING makeover!

Cedarwood aluminum Siding

Built Weather-Tough!

Cedarwood is performance-engineered to shield your home from outdoor elements, such as harsh winds and water, and other destructive weather. Unlike wood, compressed particle board or fiber cement, Cedarwood won’t absorb moisture.

Added Dimension

The extra-deep 1/2″ butt height of Cedarwood aluminum siding adds greater dimension and style with dramatic shadow lines.

Superior Finished Look

While fiber cement and compressed particle boards typically require caulked joints, Cedarwood’s “seams” are crisp and clean.

Cedar Shingles

You can’t force warmth and character, and PortsmouthTM Cedar Shingles provides it naturally. This conventional shingle style— when combined with stone and clapboard—delivers a stunning and inviting exterior that can change the pace of a design from “ho-hum” to “welcome home.”

Performance Features

  • Deep rustic grain patterned from real cedar shingles
  • Seamless design
  • AssuranceTM Fastening System provides a secure, precise installation • Superior impact resistance, and resists fading and warping
  • Wind resistant up to 160 mph
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Colors: Aspen white, bone, clay, country beige, cypress, driftwood, espresso, graphite, greystone, harbour blue lighthouse red, olive, regatta, rye, saddle, slate, wheat

PortsmouthTM Half Rounds


PortsmouthTM Half Rounds fully accent and distinguish exteriors and will add instant appeal to your home. Use them to add interest to the simplest cottage or embellish gables for a classic finishing touch. These curved details are the perfect way to make your home stand out. You can’t help but call them “charming.” We dare you.

Performance Features

  • Quaint cottage pattern modelled from real cedar shingles
  • Seamless design
  • No painting. No scraping. True Maintenance Freedom!
  • AssuranceTM Fastening System provides a secure, precise installation
  • Superior impact resistance, and resists fading and warping
  • Wind resistant up to 160 mph • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Colors: Aspen white, Clay, Country Beige

Board & Batten

Architecture has rhythm and flow. Add the charm and dimension of rustic cedar grain and you’ll kick in a lively change in tempo. Its wide, architecturally correct 10-inch boards replicate real cedar

and lie flat so your beauty can be admired without interruption. As an accent or a theme, the vertical lines of CraneBoard® Board & Batten will make your home design truly swing.

Performance Features

  • Authentic wide board design with hand-milled cedar grain look • Smooth locked edges make everything seamless
  • No Painting. No Scraping. True Maintenance Freedom.
  • Neopor® adds up to a 19% better R-value depending on profile • 200% stronger bond with our TXLTM Lamination Technology
  • 64% greater impact resistance
  • Quiet! Reduces noise up to 45% • Wind resistant up to 130 mph
  • Life of the Home Limited Warranty

Colors: aspen white, bone, clay, country beige, cypress, desert, driftwood, espresso, graphite, greystone, harbor blue, honey oak, lighthouse red, mocha, nutmeg, olive, pearl, regatta, rye, saddle, slate, stratford blue, wheat

8 Steps to a Siding Replacement

  1. Property Protection
    We will ensure that your entire property is fully protected while Siding replacement is underway.
  2. Remove Old Siding
    We will remove all the old siding, weather resistant barriers, and repair any damage to the sheathed wall
  3. Insulation
    We install insulation based on the needs of your home and local building codes
  4. Moisture Barrier
    Next we’ll install a moisture barrier (housewrap) a drainage system with flashing designed to protect your home from water to allow for water to properly run off. then we’ll seal and caulk penetrations and make air tight.
  5. Starter Strip
    Next we’ll install a starter strip, this is placed around the bottom of the house and creates the proper angle for your siding installation. This will improve features such as water runoff to properly protect your home.
  6. Starter Course & the Rest of the Siding
    Next step we’ll install the starter course and after the rest of the siding individual shingles or panels.
  7. Job Site cleanup
    We clean the job site daily. We like to leave our job site cleaner than before.
  8. Final inspection
    Once finished we’ll perform a thorough, post-siding inspection. To make sure that your siding replacement is done correctly and to your satisfaction.

3 Major signs your home’s siding needs attention.

  1. Color: Fading or peeling means the waterproof coating may be deteriorating, which may lead to leaks and water damage inside your home. (Most siding is designed to keep its color for min 10 years, so if your home needs to be repainted every five to six years, something is wrong.)
  2. Temperature: If your heating or cooling bills are higher than normal, your wall’s exterior insulation and siding may no longer be doing its job. Our Vinyl siding, is designed to reduce the flow of air through wall cavities, keeping your home energy-efficient all year long and saving you money.
  3. Texture: Exterior warping or bubbling in the siding indicates rotting, and interior peeling of paint or wallpaper indicates moisture seeping through your walls. You can check for rotting by using a screwdriver to press underneath the siding. If its under-layer is soft or spongy, your siding has begun to rot.Some Damage can be obvious or hidden