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Storm Damage from Wind or Hail?

Why settle for a replacement? When you could have a makeover!

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If you believe you may have hail damage after a storm...

Have your roof and siding inspected by our trained property storm damage specialist!

While Some Damage is obvious most damage may not be visible at first, unless you know what to look for. ‘Hidden damage’ could potentially lead to leaks in the roof, deterioration of your siding and gutters, which could lead to costly repairs and devaluation of your home, as well as risking your homes longevity! Thankfully you’ve got your home protected with your Homeowners insurance!

The first area we will want to look at are the thin metal vents, gutters, downspouts Siding and any other soft metals around the home. If there is no damage to the thin metal it is difficult to say that the shingles were damaged. However, if the vents show significant damage there is a good chance your shingles are damaged as well.

Damage to your roof shingles starts with mild bruises, that start knocking off the granules and slowly letting the sun burn through them, then a few months later water starts seeping in rotting the plywood, then the insulation gets wet and evetually your celiling will start leaking and collapsing.


Both residential and commercial buildings


We provide custom roofing systems user cedar shake roofing, genuine slate, asphalt shingles, high-quality composite materials.


We offer a wide variety of siding solutions.


Have your roof and siding inspected by our trained property storm damage specialists to repair hail and wind damage.

Our experts are trained, equipped and ready to restore your roof after any disaster or damage over time.

Sunshine Exteriors is a Home Restoration company Specialized in Roofing & Siding makeovers. We are family owned and aim to treat your home like our own!

​OUR mission is to EMPOWER homeowners by making their homes:

✓ Standout for Beauty & Design

✓ Preserve the new touch almost maintenance free, while protecting it from the weather.

✓ Free Design and Makeover Consultation

✓ 1000’s of Satisfied Customers

✓ Licensed Bonded & Insured


Don't just settle for new roof & siding. Get excited about a makeover!

We are Family owned and are passionate about helping homeowners restore their storm damaged Roof & Siding & gutters!

Then we got the extra mile with a MAKEOVER not just a quick replacement

Our aim is to make your home
✓ Standout for Beauty & Design
✓ Preserve the new touch almost maintenance free & weatherproof
✓ Sustainable, insulated & energy saving

At Sunshine Exteriors we go the EXTRA MILE!